Everyone has a mobile phone today and most people have a smart phone (though as a matter of fact I only just obtained my first iphone 5G). So everyone is a photographer right? Maybe, maybe not. The question is what is the difference between the point and shoot operator and the SLR + big lens operator? And then an awful lot of people take photographs with a DSLR just for fun. While others, including yours truly, hope to take pictures that are a cut above the rest, as an art form or as a profession. So what is the difference?


A painting by the Argentinian artist, Fabian Perez. He has an amazing EYE for what makes a great picture. I was first struck by hIs pictures because of their similarity to photographs. And by their use of light and shadows. Of course the pretty model was a part of it, I find his paintings inspiring and alluring. I will be interested to meet him in May when he comes to England next.






Along the lines of what the photographer said about the lens of the eye, I have for weeks been pondering the ‘spirit’ of Perez’s art work. And here is my first attempt at creating something I call,  ‘inspired’ by his paintings. The model is Carmen from the Mediterranean – all the way from Spain. If I compare the two pictures I was in two minds whether to post in black and white or in colour. But i think the oil colour impression works best in colour. Perez’s picture is more yellowish as are the flesh tones. Mine is a little redder – maybe in keeping with the red rose. But overall I am pleased with the result.


I think I’ll call this : “Dreamer”





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